Webinars to Help Reach Your Goals

We want our agents to have every opportunity to be their best. The webinars we host can be a helpful resource to help agents stay sharp and up to date on our top carriers.

Can't make the webinar live? Check below for our library of past webinars!


Short-term Medical - IHC 

Bob Johnson with IHC, discusses their short-term medical plan that is offered up to three years and a coverage period maximum benefit of $2 million.




Cost plans - Medica 

Tom Evans with Medica, and Chuck Geissinger dive into Medica, it's cost plans and some of it's great features!




Obtain leads by mastering Facebook - Transformation Marketing 

Travis Filing and April Kester with Transformation Marketing give us some tips for using Facebook for your business and how you can obtain leads. You don't want to miss this one.




Dental currently with a $3,000 bonus - National Care Dental 

National Care Dental currently has a $3,000 bonus for writing dental insurance. Kristen Oakley and Roland Brewer tell us all about it and more about their product!




Cancer Shield 2.0 - UNL 

UNL's Hunter Gordy shares with us details about their scheduled benefit cancer plan. It includes a schedule benefit with lump sum rider and first diagnosis up to $30,000 benefit!




Cancer, heart attack and stroke - Cigna 

Jim Codney with Cigna discusses their great three-in-one plan. That's cancer, heart attack and stroke all in one plan!




Med Supp and Final Expense - Transamerica 

Paul Cole with Transamerica tells us all about their Medicare Supplement and final expense products.




Facebook Leads - Lead Concepts 

Chris Weir with Lead Concepts, shares with some helpful insights on how to get leads through Facebook.




Home Health Care Shield - UNL 

Hunter Gordy and Anna Fiorentino with UNL talk about the cancer, hospital indemnity and other products they offer.




Brand new dental - National Care 

Kristen Oakley with National Care shares all about their new dental plan.




Short-term medical - UHOne 

Mike Zundel and Jesse Brewer tell us what UHOne's short-term medical is and all about Tri-Medical.




Products and e-apps - GTL 

Michael Gende with Guarentee Trust Life (GTL), gives us a product overview and explains their e-app process.




Bridge the gap - IHC 

Bob Johnson with IHC discusses their product that helps clients bridge the gap between their life insurance and their major medical deductibles.




short-term medical - National General 

Andy Larson with National General shares with us their short-term medical plan.




New Cancer Plan - Cigna 

Join us as Cigna's Jim Codney explains their new cancer plan.




short-term up to 3 years - IHC Group 

Bob Johnson with IHC shared information with us about their short-term medical that is now offered up to three years! Select the image to the right to fill out a form to view the video.




Dental, vision and hearing - Surebridge 

Discover Surebridge's plan that offers dental, vision and hearing! You'll also learn about HospitalWise.




Understanding OEP - United Healthcare 

Tamara Kunz with United Healthcare breaks down OEP.




FLX Living Benefit products - Ameritas 

In this webinar, learn the 5 advantages of Ameritas' FLX Living Benefits IUL that will help you win!




Med Supp rule changes - MACRA 

Learn about MACRA changes for Med Supp rules in 2020!




Short-term Medical and Bridge products - IHC 

In this webinar, we heard from IHC about their new longer term STM and their new Bridge product.




New DVH Plan - SureBridge 

SureBridge's Jesse Brewer, joined us in-house to discuss their new DVH plan.




Med Supps and Ancillaries - American National Health's Standard Life 

Melonie Adams-Michael with American National Health's Standard Life, shares information on their ancillaries and Med Supp.




Products Overview - Washington National 

Andy Maraldo with Washington National, gives us an overview of their products.




Dental, Health and Vision Webinar - UCT 

Check out what UCT offers for dvh plans.




Hospital Indemnity Plan - Heartland Financial 

Nick Micheletti with Heartland Financial, talks about their new hospital indemnity plan.




Short-term Medical Webinar - The IHC Group 

See what IHC has to offer for short-term medical!




New DVH Webinar - Surebridge 

Jesse Brewer, senior director at Surebridge, tells us more about their new dvh plan.




Precision Care Cancer Webinar - GTL 

Check out the cutting edge of cancer treatment!




New HIP Webinar! - Heartland National Life 

Nick Micheletti from HNL joins us to cover their Hospital Indemnity plans along with their "New" Secure Advantage Flex product.




Flexible Choice Cancer, Heart Attack & Stroke - Cigna 

An in-depth look at Cigna's Flexible Choice plans.





Washington National's Hospital Assure Plans

Andy Maraldo from Washington National joins us to review their hospital indemnity products.





Assurity Life products and more! 

During this webinar, Morgan Hohbein from Assurity reviews their Life and Health products.





GTL's Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke Insurance Plans

Michael Gende from GTL joins us to review their ancillary products.






Hospital Indemnity from Surebridge Life

Join us and Senior Director Jesse Brewer for a look at their Hospital Indemnity Suite – Lump-Sum Hospital Confinement, Outpatient Surgery, Skilled Nursing Facility, Emergency Care, Ambulance Transportation, Outpatient Major Diagnostic Exam and Wellness.






Home Health Care with Guarantee Trust Life

Join us and Regional Sales Manager Michael Gende for a look at GTL's Home Health Care. Learn how this can help your clients, and some great tips on selling this product.





Flexible Choice Cancer And Heart attack & Stroke Loyal American

Join us and Regional Sales Manager James Codney and learn more about Loyal American's fantastic Cancer, Heart & Stroke product.



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