E-app Webinars

Email shauna@simkt.com when you write an e-app. She can help case manage the process so you can continue to make more sales.

Tips and trainings for online selling

Using the e-app — Great Western

Learn how to use Great Western’s e-app. You will need to submit your name and email.

E-app training — Heartland National Life

Learn how to submit apps electronically with Heartland National Life.

On-going agent training — Aetna

View Aetna’s on-going training – including e-apps – that’s tailored to your state by clicking Aetna’s logo.

Remote sales and application process — SILAC

View SILAC’s remote sales and application process. Watch the video by clicking on SILAC’s logo.

 Live app process — Prosperity

Learn how to process an e-app easily and effectively. Email info@simkt.com to request access.

 E-app guide — Ameritas

View the new Ameritas business guide by clicking on Ameritas’ logo. Skip to page 2, to learn about their e-app process.


 AIG Quick Ticket — American General

Discover AIG’s Quick Ticket process by clicking on the AIG logo.

 Simple submit e-epp — North American Company

View the simple submit e-app for the North American Company by clicking on their logo.

Tele-app AppAssist— Banner Life

Click on Banner Life’s logo to learn about their AppAssist for their tele-app program.

TeleLife Quick Reference Guide — Protective

Click on Protective’s logo to view the quick reference guide to TeleLife.

E-app users guide — UNL

View UNL’s e-app user guide by clicking on their logo.

E-app walkthrough — United American

Discover how easy it is to use the United American e-app. Email us at info@simkt.com to receive access to the video.

How to use the e-app — Americo

Learn how to use the e-app with the email signature process.

Convienent and fast e-app — Mutual of Omaha

Click Mutual of Omaha’s logo to discover the convenient, fast and always available e-app.

IGO e-app — Assurity

Follow this step-by-step tool to easily and quickly complete Assurity’s e-app. Click below to discover the convenient, fast and always available e-app.

How to quote on the e-app — GTL

Learn how to quote on GTL’s e-app

How to submit an app on the e-app — GTL

Learn how to submit an application on GTL’s e-app

GTLink overview — GTL

Watch a GTLink overview on the GTL e-app.

Ordering supplies — GTL

Learn how to order supplies on the GTL e-app.