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Life Calculator

Help your clients understand how to plan for the future. This Life Calculator helps estimate expenses.


Life Planner

This tool can help your clients plan for the future. Life is full of unexpected expenses, but this tool can provide a map to achieve their goals.


Life Quote Engine

Our agents can access this free life quote tool. Click to log into our portal.


Instant Life Quote

Utilize this tool to find the best rates on Life Insurance products for your clients!

It's Not for You. It’s for Them.

What is Life Insurance Awareness Month?

Life Happens created September’s Life Insurance Awareness Month in 2004 to help educate Americans about the importance of life insurance and as a rallying point for the industry. This year, they have the biggest and best offering ever of LIAM resources to support your outreach efforts.

New Spokesperson!

It's super exciting to have actress, model and mom Brooke Shields as the spokesperson for Life Insurance Awareness Month. As a mom of two teen girls, she’s fiercely protective of them and their future. And her message rings true: “Protecting my family financially means everything to me. That’s why I have life insurance, and you should, too.” Plus, she lets everyone know that it’s something that most people can afford. You can use all the resources featuring Brooke until Dec. 31, 2019.

A new suite of LIAM resources and a new evergreen theme

Below you can click to contact SIM's Media Team to create your LIAM marketing plan, from videos and flyers to social-media graphics and marketing tactics. Plus you can leverage the new evergreen theme that nicely parallels Brooke’s message: It’s Not for You, It’s for Them.

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